Nissim Baruch Black (born Damian Jamohl Black; December 9, 1986) is an American rapper and producer from SeattleWashington. Originally performing under the name D. Black, he released two albums, The Cause and Effect (2006) and Ali'yah(2009), and was featured on producer Jake One's debut album White Van Music (2008). He retired in 2010 to focus on his conversion to Orthodox Judaism, but returned in 2012 under his Hebrew name, Nissim, and began writing from a more positive standpoint.

On February 26, 2013, he released the mixtape Miracle Music, his first official recording under his new stage name, Nissim. The following May, he appeared at the 2013 Sasquatch! Music Festival. Following a recording session in London Bridge Studio, he released his first new album, the self-titled Nissim, on September 17. He closed out the year with "The Black Miracle", a Hanukkah single produced by Aish.com.


In 2016, he collaborated with Gad Elbaz on the song "Hashem Melech 2.0". The song was an instant hit peaking at #3 on iTunes world charts and over 350,000 Total downloads. In the fall of 2016, Nissim went on to release his single "A Million Years", which hit more than 1 million views on YouTube in one month. He followed up with his hit song "Fly Away" and the release of his latest LP "Lemala" in spring of 2017.

Since then Nissim has been touring the world with dates in USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and more. In 2018, Nissim was featured on the BBC, achieving more global interest from media across the world. Nissim is currently recording his 5th album "Gibor", release date yet to be announced.


ניסים ברוך בלאק - ראפר וזמר היפ הופ שחור מסיאטל, היה מוכר בשם דמיאן בלאק [D.BLACK]  גדל כמוסלמי וסומן ככוכב עולה במוזיקה השחורה בעולם ובעקבות מקרה טראגי שקרה לאחד מחבריו התחיל לחפש משמעות לחייו ואז עשה מהפך בחייו והתגייר. הוא שינה את שמו ל"ניסים" ויחד עם משפחתו המורחבת עשו עליה לישראל ומתגוררים בירושלים.

ניסים בלאק כבש בסערה את העולם היהודי כאשר התארח בשירים "ה' מלך 2.0" ו "לחיים" של גד אלבז אשר זכו להצלחה מסחררת בקרב העולם היהודי, בשנת 2017 ניסים שיחרר את אלבומו "למעלה" LEMALA ובקרוב ניסים ישחרר את אלבומו ה 5 "גיבור" "Gibor".


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