Roy Edri

רועי אדרי

Roy Edri is a soulful man from a holy land with a clarion voice and a charmed guitar. Blending sounds from world folk, reggae and R&B with lyrics in Hebrew and English.


Edri’s songs speak to bridging divides and searching for a higher plane.

Was the lead vocalist for the live alternative Hip Hop Band  “Sideffect”. They were signed to Def Jam Records for a demo deal in 1998, he Performed with Stevie Wonder at the age of 17 and opened up for Run Dmc at the Hamptons New York in 2000 Had released 3 albums. He wrote and created the soundtrack for the israeli film "Laavor Et Hakir" through the wall the wedding directes by Rama Burshtein.


Roy has a talent for connecting to peoples hearts through his down to earth personality and honesty that translates through his music and especially his live performance.

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