Benny Elbaz

בני אלבז

Benny Elbaz was born in 1960 and he grew up as a secularist in Ramle, Israel. He began to appear in the band "The Burning" and released his first album "The Dance of Love" at the age of 18. In the 80’s Beni was one of the biggest Rock Stars in Israel one of his greatest Hits was the song "Ani Chozer Habayta" (Hebrew version of Toto Cotono's "L`Italiano"). One of his most famous hits of our time is the song "All the Soldiers Returning Home," which was identified as a kind of “anthem” for our Israeli soldiers.


His great success came from the early 1980s, when he published several albums, and was one of the prominent singers in Mizrahi music. He made himself a name in the Mizrahi Music alongside his friends Zohar Argov, Shimi Tavori, Shlomi Shabbat and others. In 2001 He Became Religious and continued his Musical Career. He was responsible for a New Movement of Kiruv and took a strong position Next to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s Political Party as a Spokesman and A Leader.


2011 Elbaz Was The Winner of the Reality Show "Hall Of Fame" That was broadcast live on Israel's TV Station, Channel 24. Benny And His Son Gad Elbaz Sang Many Duets Together since 1986-2017  such as "GADI" "Toda Lelokai" "Esh Shel Mashich" & the biggest hit in the Jewish World today "Hashem Melech”

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