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Tal Vaknin brings Jerusalem’s heart and soul to your function in an exciting and unique technological show that leaves No eye dry.

Assuredly, you would love to come to Eretz Israel and celebrate with friends and family in Jerusalem.

You are probably looking for the perfect solution that will make your dream a reality.


Jewish international superstar, Tal Vaknin is here to bring Jerusalem to your function, in a one-of-a-kind technological show which is exciting, invigorating, and breath-taking.

Whether you are being led down the aisle of your wedding, or you are at your Bar-mitzvah ceremony, Tal Vaknin sings to you, personally, straight from the walls of the city of Jerusalem accompanied by a composition of stringed instruments.

A rich and memorable show, which will be broadcast live to you for your most important moments.

 From Jerusalem to anywhere in the world.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, flights got cancelled, events and performances have been postponed… everyone is stuck in their homes and the entire world has been forced to come to a halt!

In addition to not being able to meet with family and friends, a new and more challenging matter revealed itself to thousands around the world who dreamed of coming to Israel to celebrate their Simcha. 

Tal Vaknin had the idea to connect Jews around the world with their Jewish roots in Jerusalem by fulfilling their dream of having a live performance by their favourite singer at their Simcha. Ultimately touching their hearts and bringing them the love of Judaism through the words and sounds of Jewish music. 

Tal Vaknin, Singer, Producer, rising star, Jewish singer phenomenon been performing for over a decade at weddings, concerts, and festivals in Jewish communities all over Israel, the United States, Africa, Europe, and Australia.

Tal began his musical journey when he was only six years old when he started singing in his local congregation in his neighborhood in Jerusalem. His unique vocal sounds stood out in school choirs, plays, national ceremonies, the prestigious Rabbinate IDF Band and more.

After his military service, he began appearing at events and established his status as one of the leading event performers in the Jewish world in Israel and abroad. Among other things, Tal performed collaborations on various musical projects and performances together with artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Gad Elbaz, Yaakov Shwekey, Yossi Azulay, Kobi Aflalo, and Yishai Lapidot to name a few.

Tal: “When I understood the complex situations that we are facing, I decided that there must be a change made. People must come together to strengthen their spirit and continue the immense mission of spreading Judaism. During these times, it is especially important to keep one’s connection to their roots. The roots which have been the main motivation and drive for many people throughout our history. There has always been the desire to reach Jerusalem and experience its wonder first-hand; this desire has gotten our people through our most dire situations. Now, through song and simcha we can connect people from all over to the Holy-Land and continue to illuminate the world because, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe always said, “one small candle can illuminate the world”.

Growing up in Jerusalem I had the privilege to always be surrounded by the spirituality and history that is Jerusalem. The scents and sounds of the ancient city shaped my childhood. I have always been able to experience this and now it is my time to extend that to the people of our world.

The next step for me was to find a way to be able to transmit all that encompasses the Jewish spirit from afar.

So I decided to contact the talented team at Hoshen Productions, led by Shlomi Cohen, and presented them with this idea: "If couples and families can't come here then we will find a way to reach them, and when we get there, we'll bring Israel and Jerusalem with us, to anywhere in the world!"

We have recruited the best minds from around the globe to bring the essence of Jerusalem to Jews all over the world using the latest in technology. When we heard and saw the result that came out of this collaboration we were fascinated and left with tears in our eyes.  Now, all that remains is to reach as many people as possible, providing them with the opportunity to have Tal Vaknin perform live from the Kotel, at their Simchas, through the power of the internet brought directly from Jerusalem to their functions.

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