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Victoria Zirkiev  

ויקטוריה זירקייב

Victoria Zirkiev started a successful real estate development company together with her husband in 2004. 

Victoria always had a passion for music. 10 years ago, she realized that the Jewish entertainment industry wasn’t exciting for the youth. She wanted to create music and entertainment content that would be appealing and grow Jewish pride within the youth. She started producing events, concerts and music videos.

Victoria is CEO of HOSHEN Productions and VZ Productions, which handles internationally-renowned artists such as Gad Elbaz, Mayesz, Nissim Black and other major figures in the Jewish music world. She definitely changed the way the Jewish entertainment looks today. 

Victoria is also a proud activist for women. She is the president of Chazaq’s woman’s division, which is a branch of a major organization in New York.

She is a very active member in her community, very involved in politics and advocating for the State of Israel.
She works tirelessly to bring Jews together through cultural and social events.

Victoria is also produced the viral lashon hara campaign here in US, that included popular Jewish celebrities. She continues spreading this important message while being the head US ambassador.

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