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מאירים את העולם מירושלים

Illuminating the world from Jerusalem

The non-profit organisation Chaiyanu is celebrating 20 years of activity with a single event live from Jerusalem, in the form of a one of a kind drive-in show.

An exciting show that can be viewed from your car in Jerusalem. Using the latest technology, the event will also be streamed all over the world to be viewed from the comfort of your own home wherever that may be, so that you too, will be able to take part in this incredible event.

The show will give the audience the opportunity to enjoy a live performance with music that will make its way into their hearts and illuminate the world with joy, faith, and hope.

Chaiyanu is a branch of the "Chai-Lifeline" organization in Israel. It was established in the year 2000 with the aim of helping and supporting families with children suffering from cancer.  When the "Chai-Lifeline" organization opened its branch in Israel 20 years ago, no one would have believed how successful it would become. Now, after 20 years of activity, Chaiyanu is proud to be a leader in Israel in supporting sick children and their families.  We started small, and over the years more and more volunteers joined us with a huge heart and an endless desire to give. Together we have built a supportive and embracing community that provides families and their children with the strength, joy, and faith to face the difficulty, pain, and uncertainty of their daily lives. From our experiences dealing with the disease, the way to defeat cancer is to find reasons to rejoice.

This is exactly what we do. And with lots of love!

During this complex time that we are all living, we have found it increasingly difficult to help and support struggling families with children suffering from cancer in manners that we are used to. Many of the children that we support are at an even greater risk of infection with their weak and compromised immune systems and have therefore been in isolation for many months. So, we found ourselves stuck with a new issue to tackle, how can we take action by reaching out to the children in order to strengthen their spirits so that we can help them to combat their newfound loneliness and their normal day-to-day struggles? And more importantly, how can we do so remotely?

We decided that the best thing we could do was host a drive-in show with the goal of uplifting the spirits of suffering children and their families. When it came to a venue there was only one thought in mind, the show must be live in Jerusalem! We decided we need to stay true to our roots and make this show possible in the place of our organisations’ inception.

Out of the darkness arose the opportunity to illuminate the hearts of suffering children by giving them hope through song, dance, happiness, and love. Illuminating them with the light of the holy land, Jerusalem.

This event will be the first of its kind in Israel, whilst still adhering to the regulations and guidelines set out by the government during this tough period.

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