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of Sparks Next Productions

Daniel Finkelman

דניאל פינקלמן

Daniel Finkelman

CEO of Sparks Next Productions has worked with virtually every major artist in the Jewish music industry, and directed the acclaimed short film, “Opening Night”. He produced and directed dozens of music videos internationally, which received millions of online views. His acclaimed works have been featured in the New York Times and The Jerusalem Post and and have been broadcasted across the nation.

Since 2009 Finkelman has assembled a roster of award winning screenwriters, renowned musicians and talented young filmmakers produced dozens of music videos, commercials, documentaries and trailers for the Jewish music industry, non-profitorganizations and locally owned businesses, as well as the first ever Jewish reality series. His projects range from the whimsical to the historical to social causes and his two benefit videos, Unity and The Japan Song, featured virtually every major artist in the Jewish music industry.

Finkelman has filmed projects all over the world in order to ensure the authenticity of his work and continues to raise the bar even higher with every production. His 2013 short film “Opening Night” was named in multiple international film festivals including Sao Paulo Brazil, the San Diego Jewish Film Festival and several others.

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