אוצר נולד וגדל בברוקלין ניו יורק, המוסיקה הייתה תמיד חלק חשוב ממסורת המשפחה, בגיל 6 הוריו רשמו אותו למקהלת הקהילה במיל באסין וכבר בגיל 13 החל ליצור מוזיקה ולהלחין שירים.


בשנת 2009 משפחתו עשתה עליה לישראל, במשך השנים בין הלימודים בישיבה אוצר החל לכתוב ולהלחין שירים בשאיפה להגשמת החלום, לפני כשנתיים כאשר נפגש עם גד אלבז בסטודיו, גד ראה את כישרונו של אוצר וסימנו ככוכב הבא במוזיקה היהודית והחל לעבוד אתו בשיתוף "חושן הפקות" על הפקת אלבום חדש שיראה אור  בקרוב.


Born in 1994 in Brooklyn New York, Otsar was brought up in an environment where music was an important part of family tradition, he was constantly surrounded by musicians and artists. By the age of 6 he begged his parents to enroll him in the community choir of Mill Basin. Throughout that period of time he stared to pick up a deep understanding of music, building his own manner and style.  At that point Otsar knew one day he was going to pursue a musical career. At the age of 13 he stared to composed and create his own material, but he still didn’t know how he was going to achieve his goal.

When his family made Aliyah in 2009, Otsar got a feeling that here is Israel this is where this dreams are going to come true. For the duration of his Yeshiva years Otsar put every spare minute he had towards his goal from writing to producing and developing his own color in music. 

Otsar started to produce music for artist and started to build a name for his songs, which landed him the opportunity to collaborate with Nissim Black on his album “Lemala”. He featured on “Shomer” which he composed for Nissim black. After featuring with Nissim, Otsar had the chance to meet up with Gad Elbaz in studio and show off his talent. Gad realized that there is a lot of potential with Otsar.

Gad from the moment Otsar played the piano or strummed the guitar I knew he has a special musical quality to him, his voice captivated me and took me to a whole other world” .Gad then decided to teach Otsar the ropes and guide him on his path he had since he was a child.

 Otsars first single “KOL DODI” and preparing his entrance to the music world.